Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back to Skewl

So I'm back at Purdue for one more English class before I jump across the pond to live in England for a year. So I'm studying literature that displays the atrocities of English colonization on the Middle East and India. Good stuff. Not really.

But my prof said it was totally cool with him if I got my knit on during class provided that I a) sit in the back and b) participate. Check and Check.

So...since summer classes are hella long, I knitted about 10 inches of sleeve yesterday. I'm guestimating the same progress today. Here's a pic of the sweater after yesterday's class. Thanks to my lovely model, Sir Oatmeal, who is older than I am- which is really old in Teddy years.
Today's China picture (chose at random) is of the great stone tiger at the Beijing Zoo. So was the last post's panda.
Have a great day and happy knitting!

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