Monday, June 16, 2008

Knitters are Generous People

Today was the day from hell- was unable to return some rather expensive beads to a store because they had "no proof" other than my receipt that I had actually bought them, had to give up the Yarn Harlot tickets, stomach flu, I went to 4 places trying to ship out this week's handspun but none had "delivery confirmation", the landlord put a random notice on the door that we need to pay to have the appartment steam cleaned by friday (new management BLOWS), I also slammed my hair in the car door and have a bald spot. So not my day.

But then I get back, check Ravelry, and there is a lady who has offered me her skien of discontinued Kureyon for my lizard ridge- for free. It's amazing how kindness like that can cancel out the shit hitting the fan.

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