Saturday, June 14, 2008


So...lots of stuff today.
Knitting Content:
Yesterday I had a bit of an experiment. Could I use Paint Box with Noro Kureyon for my lizard ridge? Turns out that I can, but the Paint box square are about half an inch longer, but the colors are so cool, it totally makes up for it. Since I plan on dry cleaning this blanket anyway, I'm not too worried about one yarn felting and the other not. I dig Paint Box. (btw, Paint box is the one with the oranges, pinks and purples, Kureyon is the green and purple one) I now have 11 squares completed, which is a little dissapointing. I could have sworn I had 13 done.
I also completed the first sleeve on the hoodie I am now calling PoCo, because it gets worked on during my postcolonial literature class. I would like another name, so if you have any ideas, leave them in the comments or ravel me with it. Please.....

Since it is international Knit in Public Day (!!!!) I will probably take a study break and the hoodie and I will venture down to Starbucks and enjoy a tall chai latte together. I need a chai fix, it needs the remaining 1/4 sleeve. If I am doing really well, I may go to River Knits (make that a very likely actually) to take a peek at what they have. I have a 20% off card that I plan on using at the latest possible moment in hopes that I have accumulated a bit of money before then. *hoping very hard*

Here is the stash I never flashed after the fiber festival in Franklin. It's alarming how much of it is already spun into yarn. Seriously- I have a problem. I've currently got some periwinkles BFL on the wheel for last semester's Jane Austen prof, an avid knitter who recognized me on ravelry. She isn't a spinner but we frequently talked about it. So her periwinkle wool titled "Dashwood" is a third of the way done. I really hope she likes it.

Non-knitting Content:

Last night, after nearly chopping off my g**-damn hair (I spent 2 hours trying to put it in an updo only to have it fall out as soon as I finally got it up there. I was entirely too close to pulling a Britney. Bad....) I went to tango. My hair did look like shit, honestly, because it was sprayed and curled and shaped like I had just taken it down after prom. Bad. But I went anyway because I would have done something drastic if I hadn't.

So I get there and I'm a little nervous because...I really suck at Tango. Yeah this is a beginner's class, but I've always been more intermediate than that in all the other latin dances. So I'm feeling a little incompetent. Then, Alfredo Tuesta, the most beautiful Peruvian man in exsistance (like Antonio Banderas + Goatee - 20 years) came right up to me (ME!!!) and asked if I had a partner for the evening. (Turns out I was actually better at the Tango than him, which was a little dissapointing. I was quite sure Latin Americans came out of the womb with a rose in their mouths) So we switched off partners a few times and I danced with the instructor (from Argentina- also a sexy beast) and he was such a good leader, I looked like really good...and Alfredo was watching the whole time! Score: Paige 1, Tango girls:0.

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