Saturday, June 21, 2008

Done, Done, and halfway done

So yes, I missed the Yarn Harlot. And I am still a little bummed about that. But I had fun without Stephanie Pearl McPhee! My new friend from Postcolonial Literature asked me if I knew anyone that could teach her to crochet (she has only ever seen me knitting, and only on the hoodie). I told her I could and she suggested a trip to Hobby Lobby immediately after class. Cool. Not that I need anything, but it's always fun to look. She drove, which is awesome because the trip to Hobby Lobby takes about a gallon and a half of gas in my Jeep, and I hate spending more getting somewhere than I spend actually being there. We picked out her yarn and crochet hooks and grabbed a pair of bamboo knitting needles (just in case!)

Sure enough, an hour later, we were both knitting at Vienna coffee house. She had given up on crocheting after about half an our of not getting the single crochet stitch, and was knitting within ten minutes of that. I had to run to tango at 7 to meet McSteamy for our lesson. This would make up for missing the Yarn Harlot- sexy dancing with sexy Peruvian man. (he's McSteamy from now on, okay?) It would have made up for Yarn Harlot, except he didn't show. He wasn't feeling well, that's cool, I just wish he would have let me know BEFORE I SPRINTED ACROSS CAMPUS IN STILETTO HEELS AND A MINISKIRT!!!!

Anyhoo, I stayed for about an hour and tango-ed with myself. After getting sick of all the happy couples tangoing with each other, I headed to the grocery store for dinner and a rented movie for one. I didn't even start the movie, my roommate was watching Big Mama's house and I knitted on the PoCo hoodie while kinda sorta watching that. And then I FINISHED the hoodie with the help of Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha. Weaved in my ends, sewed on the buttons and all. Since my makeup was all gone by then and it still hasn't found it's way onto my face today, the bed will be my model.

In unrelated but still awesome news, I finished all my essays but one yesterday, and the one that isn't done is due Monday. That will be a bitch to finish. Damn you PostCo!'s just occured to me that finishing the hoodie means I have two more weeks left at Purdue, and enough Kuryon for 2 Lizard Ridge squares- 3 if I'm creative. That's not going to last me three weeks....poo. On the other hand, I did buy four skiens of dishrag cotton at Hobby Lobby and will make the double-sided crochet potholders with it...those are like stressballs, they finish so quickly and they're so brainless. I love them!
More later, but for now James McAvoy and I have a date in "The Last King of Scotland".

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