Monday, June 23, 2008

Yeah, I knit.

SO....after knitting for more than 3/4 of my life I still find myself a little embarrassed to say I do it. I know that there's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of about knitting and I actually should be proud to have found something that I am passoknit about but when asked what I do in my spare time, reading, napping, dancing and other crafts nearly always come up before knitting. My knitting and I seem to need couple's therapy.

I think after trying to break the stigma attached to knitting (you know, the old ladies in rocking chairs in bad acrylic sweaters for their grandchildren) I'm tired of fighting it. No, I didn't learn two weeks ago to keep up with the "craze", and no, it's not because I don't have anything better to do, and lastly, no, I will not knit you a scarf. I'm tired of people saying, "You KNIT?" In the same tone of voice one would use

five minute pause...James McAvoy is on Jon Stewart

oh dear jesus the naughty dreams I have about that man. God, if you love me like the priest says you do, you will give me that man and I will never Hulk-punch the wall in your name again.

Back to knitting. I'm tired of people saying "You KNIT?!" In the same tone of voice one would use while saying, "You rob banks?" or "You're a serial killer?" Yeah- I knit. And I make some cool stuff too. So, next time someone says to me, "You KNIT?" I pledge to respond, "You DON'T?"

I have never been a closet knitter, but I am (outside of knit night) a little shy when people are gawking at my Lizard Ridge square. It's a little unnerving for me to be watched while I finish a sleeve at Starbucks. I don't see how my knitting is any different from his sudoku, or her Wall Street Journal. I don't knit because I'm incapable of completing a cross-word, I enjoy that glow I get after I finish a project and occasionally, when I wear something I made out in public, I enjoy the feeling I get when someone says- "Where did you get that?" And I can say, I made it. Because I am talented and smart enough to follow a chart or make up a lace pattern, figure out a gauge and make a sweater fit me. I knit to blow off steam and it makes me feel special when I knit things for other people that they (at least seem) to really like.

Perhaps we need a Knitter's Pride Parade?

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janet said...

re: your lizard ridge

Webs has discontinued Kureyon on closeout - $5.50 a ball. I just got the e-mail and thought of you.