Sunday, June 22, 2008

We got a Redbox!!!

You know those dollar-a-night box things with movies in them? We got one at the grocery store! It's amazing. I've rented 3 movies over the past 4 days and it's so much cheaper than Blockbuster! Woohooo! I love redbox! So onto the movie reviews:
P.S. I love you

Adorable! For starters we have Gerard Butler with an Irish accent and a guitar- yummy! Sad in the beginning and I definently squirted out a few tears, but overall a really cute movie. Watch it with your girlfriends. And! It had Denny from Grey's Anatomy- the one Izzy "loved" to death. He's good in it- so is his naked bum.

Last King of Scotland

Weird. Shows the perils of an evil ruler in Uganda in the 1970's. After Hotel Rwanda and Blood Diamond, I thought I was ready for it, but it was a whole new level of graphic and disgusting. Great acting from Forest Whitaker and James McAvoy (okay I only rented the movie because he was in it) but was not really okay with the scene in which Whitaker pushed rusty hooks through McAvoy's nipples and suspended him in the air by them. I threw up a little in my mouth. I don't like to see my baby's daddy suspended by his nips.
I Now Pronouce You Chuck and Larry

Exceeded my expectations. Normally I think of Adam Sandler movie as slapstick comedy and this was funny, yes, but not stupid funny. Worth watching. Nothing all that "gay" about it. Plus it was really star-studded (Lance Bass, Dan Akroyd, a few others I've already forgotten about) And my fav. character by far was the gay butterfly played by Nick Swardson, the guy who plays gay Terry in Reno 911- he was hilarious! Overall it shed a positive light on the gay community, which I am all for.

Also I went and painted pottery last night with my friend Ben! (If you go back a couple months he is seen wearing a brown and creme hat I knitted him for helping me study for a math test). He painted a rather harlequin looking mug and I painted a sunflower bowl because I've already painted wayyyy to many mugs and am out of space in my mug cabinet. Here they are, in their unfired/unglazed state. I can't wait to see them finished! Oh- that thing on the petal is supposed to be a ladybug.

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Anonymous said...

That man in the photo....he seems so charming, whitty, smart...and a host of other adjectives....where cna I get that gorgeous man's number? I hope it's on the bottom of that "harlequin" mug. :)