Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I am Procraftinating.

What are you doing?

So midterms are here, and I have three more essays that need done by Friday. I finished one last night, but that's just one. I did effectively procraftinate, and added a few more inches to my hoodie. It's starting to look like something- and rather quickly. I think I understand this project manogamy thing- it's very strange by it works! The picture is of me and the sweater trying to figure out how to get the camera to take a picture after ten seconds. The only time I've gotten it to work was this time, when I wasn't actually ready.

(I haven't been entirely manogamous- I made 2.5 lizard ridge squares as a brief diversion of life.) But I'm getting there. But it's amazing how this thing sucks up yarn like a vaccuum. I've just put in the fifth skien of Cascade! Yikes! If I didn't knit so tightly I might be able to get more sweater for the yardage, but I rather enjoy wearing handknits so thick they could pass as carpet.

So...hoodie progress: check.
essay progress: not so much.

and now I'm going to Tango to put off the essays for another few hours! Ciao!

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janet said...

I spent yesterday knitting a grocery bag instead of grading. I totally get the whole procraftination thing.