Thursday, August 14, 2008


So...hopefully my dramas are over for a while. It turns out that I was registered as a full time student at Essex, but none of my classes were ever entered...and so I had no classes to take. That has changed as of this morning, and I am now signed up for 4, which makes me a full time student. They're not bad classes either...which is great. Yesterday the British office told me that there were 5 options as far as classes go, and none of them were English Lit classes. So I would go to England and have the choice of Physics, Advanced Chem, Intro to Film, German, and Calculus. I told them I wasn't going to hop on the plane for classes I could fail at was just too expensive.

Today I got an email saying that I was in 2 Literature classes, 1 history class, and still the film class...but 3/4 is not bad. I'm going to try and get into another Lit class and drop Film, and get another history class (I've already taken the Purdue equivalent to this one I'm signed up for). So I will be taking advantage of Knit Stop's sale (thanks Janet!) and buying some yarn to make scarves for all the Brits that have pulled strings to get me in actual classes...because my Purdue advisor definently did not and that's how I got in this giant mess in the first place. Thank God this is over. Now I just need to get my English address and then I can apply for the Visa.

K...that's Essex in a nutshell. I had an appointment in Carmel yesterday and after I got out I figured I had time for a quick trip to Keepsakes. After making a million calls to directory assistance, I learned that the address on the internet was wrong and they had moved. Wonderful. Found the new store nearly an hour was almost worth it. I bought some sock yarn because it is universally aknowledged that sock yarn does not count as stash, and a new color of Kureyon that I may or may not have seen before, but have certainly forgotten about. Now I'm actually missing the Lizard Ridge but have vowed not to work on it until the Olympics are over or in the very unlikely event that I finish my 3 projects before the Olympics are over. I do need to finish a the handspun alpaca scarf now that I've gotten my spinning wheel in working order again (another long story).

And now...stash pictures from yesterday's adventure. See you later!

Cascade Heritage, 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon, Fingering weight, color 9848

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janet said...

At my undergrad, film courses were considered literature courses, because in general the same sort of critical thought was involved, just applied to movies instead of books.

Just a thought.