Monday, August 25, 2008

Chicago, Irony, Handspun, Loopy Yarns and High Heels

Not quite in that order.
For those of you who appreciate a good dose of irony: An $80,000 car being repocessed. It wouldn't be nearly as good if the vanity plate said anything other than:
On to the regularly schedule knit blogging:

So last night, shortly before the closing ceremonies and the official olympic handoff to London, my red CPH in need of a button band sat down to finish the project, nearly 12 hours late. Pathetic, I know. So my dad, mom and I sat down to watch the olympics, turned on the tv and.... saw that our cable was out. My mother, who is a big fan of closing/opening ceremonies suggested that we go to my Aunt's house, which is about 2 miles away from ours. Cool. Crisis averted.

At the Aunt's house, during row 2 of the button band, my circ. broke. Like seriously. So I'm scrambling to pick up nearly 400 stitches to save them. It took entirely too long. Should have frogged it and started again later. But not today. I was destined to hold off on finishing for another few days.

I did get a little spinning time in this is some of my handspun cotton (kinda, not really handspun). I'm calling this yarn "Vintage Threads" is. I found a giant pile of old sewing thread in terrible 1970's colors in my great-g-ma's house after she died and I took them home with me. And spun them into yarn. I think it turned out pretty neat. It's a two ply yarn, with each ply of yarn being 6 strands of cotton. This is heavy duty cotton. Seriously heavy duty. And just plain heavy.

Because today I am in Chicago with my dad (he's in a business meeting so I have three days to do whatever. I'm totally cool with that). We got here around 2 (chi-town time), shortly after I finished square 23/25 of my Lizard Ridge...score. I talked briefly with the concierge about yarn and high heels, and she pointed me in the direction of Loopy Yarns, which is where Franklin told me to go. He was right...pretty awesome. Want to see what I got? Well, you're going to anyway.

One is another skien of Noro Kureyon (which I totally didn't need) for my Lizard Ridge. The other is a Trekking yarn (not sure which) in the colorway "Brazil." Since we are here to see Wicked, these will be my Wicked Monkeys (guess what pattern I'm going to use!)

Of course on the way back from Loopy Yarns I couldn't help but notice the abundance of non-yarn stores, like Charlotte Rousse and Old Navy and Macy's. I bought the perfect corset and pair of leopard pumps at Charlotte Rousse, (corset for catwoman outfit, shoes because I just HAD to have them) some school staples at Old Navy and some naughty underpants at Macy's (also for catwoman outfit).

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So when do we get to see a picture of the catwoman costume already?