Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Olympics!

How are your olympic projects going?

I'm doing quite well on the Sockput, not that great on the Sweater Sprint, and may have to drop out of the WIPWrestling as I can't find any more yarn for it for under $40. That being said, I might make good tips tonight and be able to spend that much for a hood. Damn Rowan, I love you but that is ridiculous.

I also spent yesterday at the State Fair and got some great pictures...which I don't feel like uploading right now. Howabout I do one a day for a while, that way I don't bog down my blog with pictures of sheep...that sounds fair.

Here's sockput progress (not acurate as this picture was taken before I watched and knitted through Women's beach volleyball) but whatever:

I love the pattern, but not with this yarn. It's just too dark, you can hardly tell there's even a pattern. Plus there aren't any rest rows on this...I would kill to just knit one row plain. The yarn is Trekking XXL by the way in a colorway that would be much better NOT in the artichoke pattern. Back I go to the Sockput or perhaps the Sweater Sprint, and I leave you with 1 state fair picture.

Happy Knitting to all and GO AMERICANS!

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laurie said...

sockput-i just love the names of the events.
i think you can see the pattern ok.