Saturday, August 16, 2008

Handspun roadkill

So we've all been to the Wool Room at the State Fair by I will show you some of my purchases. One of them was a bag of all sorts of fibers in all sorts of colors, from hot green BFL curls to a light pink bamboo to a blob of copper strands, I had to have it. I spun it up and said to myself, "what the hell was I thinking?" It actually plied out pretty neat though, or at least I think. Not that I feel the need to do it again anytime soon...but it was fun throwing all those fibers together. I did leave quite a bit of the grab bag contents out as they were just too felted to spin...and the bobbin was already full. Here is a pyramid of the pictures.

I also made *a little* progress on the Fleckity sweater since I got my new yarn...and ohmygod the dye lot is nowhere close to matching. I knew there would be a little difference, but wow. The new stuff is lighter and doesn't have nearly as many tweedy bits. Hopefully since it is the top of the back and the hood, the hood will cover that part and not too many people will notice. The fronts will be knitted with 1 strand of the old stuff and 1 strand of the new stuff to stop that kind of thing from happening where people will actually be looking at it. Oh well, this is what I get for waiting 5 years to knit this into a sweater. Lesson learned- use the stash before the yarn becomes obsolete. (see the line on the back where I started the new yarn? this really blows)
On a non-knitting note, Toffee has been at the emergency vet for the past couple days. Her pancreas is shutting down because of her doggy diabetes...I really hope she makes it through this.

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