Friday, August 29, 2008

Socks and Homeland Security was step 4 of step eleventy billion of the British visa application process: biometric readings. That requires printing off a ton of paperwork, going downtown, paying $20 to park and be told you've got the wrong paperwork. But before they tell you that you haven't got the right forms, they TAKE THE NEEDLES OUT OF YOUR SOCK SO YOU DON'T HURT ANYONE IN THE OFFICE OF HOMELAND SECURITY. I wasn't going to do anything irrational, until they took away the needles. I said I would rather them just take the sock and give both back as I was leaving, but that just makes too much sense. They let me keep the now mangled sock and gave me back my needles afterwards. So I sat there for 2 hours with a mangled, needle-less sock in my lap.

I really thought the US government would make it a little easier to LEAVE.

Now something less angry: My purse had a lovely time at the new Colt's Stadium last night!

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Anonymous said...

That bag goes great with the new stadium...