Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Olympic Knitting! Yay!

I just got home from work today, so I haven't knitted a stitch since the men's relay swimming last night. I did, however, get to 8 inches in the purple and green sweater (currently there's a picture of Jing Jing, the olympic mascot in it's place on ravelry) and am getting close to starting the heel on the first sock. A couple more pattern repeats ought to do it- I have a ton of Trekking and I only plan on making 1 pair of socks out of it, so I might as well make them a little longer than usual. I'd rather take an extra day or two to make them longer than regret making them so short to save time. On a related to socks note, I am slightly more happy with the pattern/yarn combo as the pattern has become easier to see as the sock grows. Knitting in natural light helps...nothing looks all that great at 1 am in front of the television.

I've put in a whopping 4 rows of the Fleckity hoodie (we renamed it at Knit night to describe the tweed yarn) since the games started, and it is now at 14 inches. I will probably knit to 16 or 17 inches before starting armholes to make up for having the world's longest torso. Here's progress it's naptime.

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