Friday, August 22, 2008

Me-ow! I an nearing the end of the quest for the catwoman outfit (still need the knickers, a lovely corset top was on sale at Victoria's Secret online store) I decided that knitting ears would be much more comfortable than buying cheap ears on a headband made for a 5 year old. So I did just that.
If you would like to make your own ears for some reason, it's easy to do!

First, find some little hair clippies that are COMFORTABLE and strong enough to hold up an ear on. Then knit (on dpns) little triangles, starting with 28 stitches and decreasing 4 stitches every other row until you have 4 stitches left, pull yarn through the stitches and run the teeth of the clip through the bottom of the ears, making sure they sit nicely on your head. This way you can have curls without having a headband stretch them out of shape!

I also finished the RS Mystery Scarf. What is the RS Mystery scarf? Firstly, I should explain that RS is an anonymous blog commenter (see Man Laws, Jan. 14) and he ordered a handspun handknit alpaca glad it's off the needles and in the mail. Here is a terrible picture of me wearing an alpaca scarf in 85 degree weather, telling my mum which button to press on the camera while the cat tries to climb up my leg. Enjoy!
Now for some olympic knitting....if I knit for the rest of tonight and most of tomorrow, I may be able to finish 2/3 olympic knitting projects which should make up for distractions like class drama and dog drama and boys.....mmmmm....there I go drooling again.

I'm out! Hopefully an FO tomorrow, but by now you've learned not to count on it, haven't you?

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