Thursday, August 7, 2008


Shortly after 2pm yesterday, I fed Jack Sparrow, sat down and held him and talked to him (google says you have to do this or they become depressed) and about 5 minutes into our conversation, he just died. He went totally limp and stopped breathing. It was very sad. Here is the last picture of him and his Brown Sheep/eyelash friend. It was taken during a 5 am feeding and so the picture isn't great.

Since all my knitting time has been spent holding the bird and feeding him, I don't have a lot to show for two weeks of knitting. I made 2 and a half baby blankets, finished a pumpkin hat, spun and knitted about a third of a scarf, finished the sleeves on my red CPH and started the body. Since I'm knitting the body all together (162 stitches across) it's taking a long time. It's the kind of project where you can knit for 3 hours and not tell a difference. I'm at about 9 inches right now and will probably knit to around 15 or 16 before I start making the armholes to make up for having the world's longest torso.

I have sort of decided on my knitting for olympics (about time, eh?) I have decided that I will be making a hoodie very similar to the PoCo hoodie (Cascade quatro top-down raglan for those who aren't overly farmiliar) and a pair of socks. Trouble is, I haven't decided on a yarn or pattern and I haven't swatched for anything either. I should probably get on that.

So I am down for the:

Sweater Sprint
and WIP Wrestling (CPH Hoodie- can't lose momentum on this one)

I am entered in Team Indiana and Team Middle Earth for all but the CPH hoodie- a Team Middle Earth representative send me a not-so-nice letter saying that entering in the WIP Wrestling was taking the easy way out and I would have to frog my project and start again during the opening ceremonies. Instead I left Team Middle Earth. I think casting on a hoodie and a pair of socks is enough new projects for a 17 day period.

That's about it- I need to go run my 2 miles now so I can fit into my Catwoman costume on September 20th- see you tonight!

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janet said...

I love what you consider "not a lot" of knitting.

So sorry about your bird friend.