Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jack (the) Sparrow

So...I think it's about time for a Sparrow update that happens to be tied in with my knitting.

On Thursday, about an hour before knit-night, the weaker and smaller of the birds died. I did not expect him to make it as long as he did because he had numerous scratches when I picked him up. I kept them as clean as I could but birds are not exactly clean animals, and the scratches became infected and he died. His brother stopped eating immediately. I was sure that he would die within the 24 hours following his brother's death, but to my surprise I came home from work friday night to Jack Sparrow, still alive, but barely so. It dawned on me...he needed a friend. Since I wasn't going to go around to nests and steal other baby sparrows, I knitted (see- knitting content) a small, bird-sized fuzzball out of wool and eyelash yarn. I took a couple pictures but none turned out well, so you'll have to trust me on this one. I'll try again for pictures later. I made the "friend" and stuck it in the bowl with Jack Sparrow, and to my delight, Jack started snuggling with his "friend" immediately. Jack and his wooly ball have been inseperable...but I don't care. He started eating again and is almost back to where he was before his brother died. Jack Sparrow may make it after all.

More knitting content: did you guys get your 20% ENTIRE PURCHASE coupons from Michaels? I spent mine all on baby yarn, which is great because I've sold several blankets this week. Horray for money!

That's all for now... happy knitting to all and to all a good night.

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